Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Video Game by Handelabra
This is an adaptation of the Sentinel of the Multiverse Card Game by Greater that Games
Available on iOS /Android tablets, the Amazon App store, and on Steam for $9.99.
In-app purchases available.
(There’s a free learn-to-play version too)

Handelabra isn't shy on keeping you up on all new things Sentinels.

Handelabra isn’t shy on keeping you up on all new things Sentinels.

You may have noticed, but we like Sentinels of the Multiverse. I was much impressed by the card game back in 2013 and, happily, my high opinion of the game still stands. The question quickly became, how do I get to play this game even more? The Sentinels app (available in the iTunes and Google Play stores) fills in the gap quite nicely.

App Vs Tabletop

As much as I enjoy Sentinels, there can be a lot to track. It’s not uncommon to forget things, only to catch it one or more rounds later. How bad that gets depends upon the number of players and the complexity of the decks chosen. As anticipated, the app takes care of all of these issues for you. The prompts are logical and easy to follow. I may have been guilty of a few fast taps, but I never felt confused by the interface.

The benefit is that I play faster and enjoy the game a lot more. Playing solo with the tabletop version has a good amount of setup and tear down. The app frees you up to explore. I thought that I was pretty proficient before I started using the app, but the increased ease of play let me discover some of the deeper nuances of each hero, villain and environment. These skills translate back to the table, making a better experience for everyone with faster play and fewer questions of how to interpret a card.

The app adds value in other ways as well.

  • The Sentinels app becomes your one-stop for the lore of the universe. There are galleries for all the cards available through the app and profiles for each deck, including the variant personalities and environments!
  • The variant heroes and villains can be unlocked through game play, no purchase required.
  • An archive of challenges to play through, with new ones added each week.
  • Most of the achievements are story-based challenges that reward delving the archives to read the character bios.
  • Some of the achievements are very difficult,  challenge-based goals. You must leverage your knowledge of the game (and have a little luck) extensively to complete them all. Some serious bragging rights to be earned here.


The only feature that I wasn’t able to really test before publishing is multiplayer. That isn’t the fault of the app, I just prefer playing with friends and we weren’t able to schedule it. The one time that I did try it, the response times over the network were good. Players can communicate through a text chat room built into the game and Sentinels is cross-platform.

If we get a chance to play this more, we’ll post about it.


The following expansion are currently available:

  • Mini Pack 1 for $1.99
  • Rook City for $4.99
  • Infernal Relics for $4.99
  • Mini Pack 2 for $1.99
  • Shattered Timelines for $4.99
  • Wrath of the Cosmos for $4.99

All of these are available in a Season 1 bundle for $19.99, which will also include Mini Pack 3. (Mini Packs include stand-alone decks that weren’t sold as part of any expansion. They include a hero, a villain, and an environment.

Handelabra recently completed a Kickstarter to fund development of Season 2 which will include:

  • Vengeance for $7.99
  • Villains of the Multiverse for $7.99
  • Mini Pack 4 for $2.99
  • Mini Pack 5 for $2.99
  • OblivAeon for $9.99

(There will be a a discounted Season 2 available once we approach the second wave of releases.)

There is no published schedule for the expansion releases–they are ready when they are ready–but Handelabra communicates their progress constantly through their YouTube channel. There are regular live games shown on the channel as they test the new feature and decks for each expansion.

Vengeance and Villains of the Multiverse will introduce a new mechanic where you can play against teams of villains. These are villain-heavy expansions that should extend your play by a fair stretch. Chronologically, I expected they would have been released before some of the season 1 content. These were delayed because of the additional development needed to make everythign fit on screen and still play smoothly. (the same reason why there is no phone app…yet).

OblivAeon is the final expansion for Sentinels of the Multiverse and also the product of a successful Kickstarter. This last set will wrap up the Sentinels story lines for the card game.  There won’t be any more new cards coming after this.


Even though the end of the Sentinels card game is looming, you shouldn’t feel as though it’s too late in the game (Ha!) to pick up the app and start playing. There’s a lot of replay-ability, even if you don’t pick up any of the expansions.  If you do plan on picking up everything, I encourage you to slow down and take your time to explore and experiment.

I’ve been playing Sentinels through this app for a long time. I’ve played on an iPad Mini (the first one) and on the recent Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. I didn’t notice any difference in the app between the two platforms. Having played with the app for so long, I can attest to Handelabra’s ongoing efforts to improve the UI and performance over the life of the app so far. Their dedication to improvement and open communication are practically features in themselves and I consider them a real selling points. With the second half of the game funded, I expect that trend to continue.

If you already play and love the physical version of Sentinels of the Multiverse, I consider this a must-have. It sucks to buy your cards all over again* BUT the physical game is pretty cheap for what it is and I found the app prices to be pretty reasonable.

If you are new to Sentinels of the Multiverse, I recommend checking out our review of the base game and checking out the free version of the app.

*(It’s important to note that your purchases are not cross platform. When I jumped from iOS to Android, I had to buy it all and unlock the achievements all over again! Multiplayer is cross-platform, so you don’t have to ask your friends what they are playing on first!)