I should be able to review the final release- but for now- here’s the news item!

Tri-Coastal Games, a two man Canadian indie developer, who have been creating their vision for the action Sci-Fi, story driven, title, Dystoria for two years, are pleased to announce their game’s imminent release on Steam, on 21st February, priced at $14.99/£10.99/€14.99.

Master the Art of Six Axis piloting as you explore and navigate the universe collecting orbs and destroying enemies in a mesmeric fast paced challenge, accompanied by  a soundtrack that will heighten the senses.

Dystoria has been inspired by 80s movies and games along with titles like Tron, Descent, Star Wars, Super Mario Galaxy, and we are intent on offering an exhilarating experience, both visually and audibly. Already we are pleased to hear the media say in positive terms they can’t think of any game out there – like this!” Daryl Wilson of Tri-Coastal Games.

Be prepared!……………………………..