Victor Pflug (Art and Original Concept), Mark Yohalem (Story/Writing/Puzzle Design), and James Spanos (Scripting) dropped by to discuss the upcoming Wormwood Studios developed, Wadjet Eye Games published Primordia.  I believe this is the first interview I’ve ever done where four participants were in four completely different time zones!

The guys talk about how Wormwood Studios came to be, stylistic influences, the creative process, and how what was originally slated to be a small labor of love turned into a two year opus.

Primordia hits virtual shelves on 12/5, and can be pre purchased at the Wadjet Eye Games site, or at  My full review will be available on 12/5, but let me at least say- upvote this on Steam Greenlight.  Do it now.

Finally, Mark wanted to let everyone know that Wormwood is no flash in the pan-  They already have plans for their next title:

The next game from Wormwood Studios will be Star Captain, which Yohalem describes as a “space operetta” that draws upon dozens of classic space-opera novels, the Lone Wolf game-book series, and computer games such as Star Control II and FTL.  Each game session will be procedurally generated, but they will fit together as part of an epic story of humanity’s struggle to regain a place on the galactic stage following a long dark age.  The game will combine Pflug’s painterly art style and Yohalem’s science fiction prose.  The target release date is early 2014.

Definitely expect good things from these guys in the future!