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The Bridge Logo Comments Off on The Bridge Review

The Bridge Review

The game has been provided by the developer for review purposes. I never thought a game with no color (literally) and five button control (seriously,

July 21, 2014 Reviews
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Wildstar Review

Being as how there are so many reviews out for Wildstar, I’m going to attempt a different approach on this one. Every review tells you

July 02, 2014 Reviews
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The Same Old Game: Insurgency Review

Insurgency doesn't live up to the high standards set by other tactical shooters.

February 05, 2014 Reviews
Fieldrunners 2 Logo 0

Fieldrunners 2 Review

As a seasoned tower defense player, I was excited to see that my first review, Fieldrunners 2 by Subatomic Studios, was a tower defense game.

October 08, 2013 Reviews
The Sea Will Claim Everything - Large Feature 1

The Sea Will Claim Everything – Yet Leave You With So Much

Yes, it certainly will won’t it, I muse to myself staring at the title screen of The Sea Will Claim Everything

May 31, 2012 Reviews
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Plantronics BackBeat GO Review

When I think about bluetooth devices, I will be honest and say, the first company I think of is Plantronics. I can remember in the

April 25, 2012 Reviews
CKII Feature 0

Familial Feudalism: A Crusader Kings II Review

With their combined focus upon the grand aspects of empire management and the minutia of historical accuracy, Paradox have had an indelible mark upon the

March 25, 2012 Reviews
Vessel Feature 0

Fluidity of Function and Form – A Vessel Review

Possessing somewhat of a penchant for puzzle games, and having had a lifelong experience of physics, physics-based puzzle games remain one of my favorite genres

March 10, 2012 Reviews
Dear Esther Feature 5

Some Men Are Islands – A Dear Esther Review

Dear Reader, To define is to destroy, yet we are incapable of leaving the intangible untouched. Our ruminations are the tides that echo the moon,

February 15, 2012 Reviews
Quarrel Feature 0

A Battle of Words: Quarrel

Quarrel was released January 25th onto XBLA for the small price of 400 Microsoft Points. People that have seen me on playing it have been asking, what

January 29, 2012 Reviews
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