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8bitarmylogo Comments Off on 8-Bit Armies Review

8-Bit Armies Review

This review starts off with a bit of an apology to the developers, PR people, and everyone that has been waiting patiently for this review. I

June 01, 2016 Reviews
screencheat Comments Off on Screencheat Review

Screencheat Review

Screencheat took the act of looking at someone else’s screen, which annoyed the hell out of us, and made it amusing and fun. The good people

March 09, 2016 Reviews
ironcastlogo Comments Off on Ironcast Xbox One Review

Ironcast Xbox One Review

Steampunk is a sub culture that has always interested me. Just the idea of a world built on stream with airships, and airship pirates and

March 06, 2016 Reviews
bloblogo Comments Off on A Boy and his Blob PC Review

A Boy and his Blob PC Review

It has been quite the nostalgia trip with these last few games. With a Boy and his Blob, it’s probably the biggest trip since I

February 16, 2016 Reviews
recursionlogo Comments Off on Recursion Deluxe Review

Recursion Deluxe Review

Recursion Deluxe is the second offering from indie studio 2D Heroes. In the simplest explanation, Recursion Deluxe is a casual action platformer that has the feel

February 14, 2016 Reviews
Dungelot Comments Off on Dungelot: Shattered Lands Review

Dungelot: Shattered Lands Review

Tiny Build Games has done a lot since the last time I’ve spoken to them (which was back in 2011). You might remember, Jeff’s glowing

February 12, 2016 Reviews
podcast-logo Comments Off on Dave Horn talks Action Arcade Wrestling 3

Dave Horn talks Action Arcade Wrestling 3

I recently had the chance to speak to Dave Horn, the developer of the upcoming Action Arcade Wrestling 3, making its way to Steam (and hopefully

July 03, 2015 Interviews
2015-05-10_00009 Comments Off on Kingdom Rush – JPS Review

Kingdom Rush – JPS Review

A review copy was provided by the developer A fantastic tablet based tower defense game found its way onto Steam a little over a year

June 02, 2015 Reviews
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