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bloblogo Comments Off on A Boy and his Blob PC Review

A Boy and his Blob PC Review

It has been quite the nostalgia trip with these last few games. With a Boy and his Blob, it’s probably the biggest trip since I

February 16, 2016 Reviews
Dungelot Comments Off on Dungelot: Shattered Lands Review

Dungelot: Shattered Lands Review

Tiny Build Games has done a lot since the last time I’ve spoken to them (which was back in 2011). You might remember, Jeff’s glowing

February 12, 2016 Reviews
shinobigamilogo Comments Off on Matt Sanchez talks about Shinobigami

Matt Sanchez talks about Shinobigami

  If you haven’t heard, Shinobigami is a Japanese style tabletop RPG set in modern times. You play as a ninja trying to discover the

December 09, 2015 Interviews, On The Table, Podcast
2015-05-10_00009 Comments Off on Kingdom Rush – JPS Review

Kingdom Rush – JPS Review

A review copy was provided by the developer A fantastic tablet based tower defense game found its way onto Steam a little over a year

June 02, 2015 Reviews
podcast-logo Comments Off on Episode 147: A Long Awaited Return

Episode 147: A Long Awaited Return

Jeff and I return back to our roots and podcasting after 6 months, which I will admit was all my fault.

January 30, 2015 Podcast
chromalogo Comments Off on Chroma Squad Preview

Chroma Squad Preview

It is no lie that it has been ages since I have written anything for the site. Hell, it’s been a while since my voice

November 08, 2014 Preview
vdhlogo Comments Off on Vertical Drop Heroes HD Review

Vertical Drop Heroes HD Review

I’ll keep this review relatively short, since there is not a deep story other than the menus leading up to the actual game menu. I

November 08, 2014 Reviews

Episode 145: The 5th Anniversary Episode

This week we return to the microphones, now that Boston FIG is over. In fact, expect Jeff to release 11 different interviews from Boston FIG

September 20, 2014 Podcast
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