You are reading the review title, and the name of the game and you are thinking, wait a minute, haven’t I read the review for this game already. Well you might have if you were around for the start of this website, and around the 44th episode of the podcast.  Kris Steele is no stranger to our little website and podcast either. When Hypership came out on iOS, the call was answered the moment it went live in the apple app store. Does the title hold up to the original XBLIG release of the game?

For those that might not know, lets travel down memory lane and remind you of what Hypership is…

Ooo new ship and asteroid graphics.

Hypership out of control is a retro 8bit graphic 2d shooter with a unique twist. Your spaceship had some serious issues, now your throttle is stuck, and the brakes are broken. The only things keeping you from sheer disaster are the ships guns and steering control. Do you have what it takes to get your speeding ship from becoming a splatter mark on the side of some asteroid? Or something bigger and worse, like space bees!

It’s already a known fact that it is an awesome bag of fun well worth the 0.99 cents, the price in the app store.  If you have played the XBLIG version of the game you already know what you are in for.  There have been some tweaks and changes between the original and the iOS version, and each of the tweaks added has been for the better.

There are always multicolored blocks in space.

Now, the only thing you need to worry about is steering the ship, as the guns auto fire for you. The controls on the touch screen are silky smooth, and perfect. The precision is something that I was longing for on the xbox. I’m not saying the xbox controls aren’t tight, I am saying that the touch screen controls are even tighter.

Dare I say that I love the iOS version of it more than the XBLIG version. With Game Center support you actually get achievements and not just awardments, resulting in actual gamer score. Also, I can take it with me to work, rather than leaving it behind, longing for my attention.  Now, those few and far between short breaks at work don’t have to be so dull when I have scores to beat!
Seriously, do yourself a favor and just buy the game already! It’s one dollar, and it’s well worth every single penny. This is, by far, one of the best ports of a game onto the iOS that I have played to date!

Well what are you waiting for? Go download it!