Party of Sin is an action 2D platforming game about how the seven deadly sins were betrayed and now need to fight from the pits of hell to the spires of heaven. Prior to the game’s release, I had the honor of interviewing Crankshaft Games very own Daniel Menard, as well as being able to preview the game in an early Let’s Play. Since then the game has undergone a world of polish and tightening up.

Surfing Lava in Hell.

Surfing Lava in Hell.

One of my bigger complaints in my preview was that some of the visuals didn’t match what was happening on the screen. Things appeared to be choppy and glitchy, and just didn’t  seem to fit the overall game. I am happy to say, they’ve focused on tightening up these aspects and  they no longer feel quite so jarring. Things flow well now, making it much more enjoyable to play.

The puzzles though could be a little more creative. I’m not saying they are horrible or impossible to figure out, but I am saying that I wish there was more than one way to solve a few of them. Each puzzle encountered only has one specific way to solve it. This is a common issue in this style of game, and it was one of my main issues with other similar games in the genre.

There were some infuriating moments, when I just couldn’t figure out how to kill all of the angels in a section or complete a boss battle. If you stick with it, and analyze the entire situation, the answer becomes clear quickly. Focusing on just playing as one of the seven sins is a common mistake I found myself making. I would get comfortable playing as just one, only to find out they can’t handle all situations. A fair amount of balancing between the characters has taken place from the beta, which brought a smile to my face. I found myself focusing on using another group of sins this time around then when I originally played the game.

PartyOfSin Earth1

Where are those Tulip Fields?

Party of Sin does let you play with a friend cooperatively as long as you both are sharing a couch or computer. It brings a unique twist to the game, and does change how you look at the puzzles. Some of the puzzles are actually much easier to solve when you have a second person there. I did not get a chance to play much co op, but what I did play was a lot of fun.

Oh yeah! Heaven Is MINE!

Oh yeah! Heaven Is MINE!

If you are a fan of games like Trine, this one is well worth a go. I would recommend playing it with some sort of gamepad, as it just makes controlling the characters and the game that much easier. You might think that 15USD in the steam market place is a bit steep, but trust me it’s not. It has a lot to offer and there is a demo for those that would like to try it before they buy it.