Outland Games is a runner style iOS game that was developed within the same universe as Monday Night Combat.  Developed by Uber Entertainment, you play the role of the assassin that is captured and sent to the Outland to fight for her freedom to the amusement of all those that watch Monday Night Combat. It’s a running game with the style and tongue in cheek comments that made MNC and SMNC so popular.

"Go Go Go, you can do this! You can do this! (no you can't)"

“Go Go Go, you can do this! You can do this! (no you can’t)”

Like many other running games, the controls are very precise, especially the jumping mechanic. Like Mario Bros. games of old, how long you leave you finger on the jump section of the screen determines the height of both your jump and double jump. Skilled players will figure out how to use both the attack function and the jump function to keep the character off the ground for long periods of time.

As with every game within the MNC universe, the announcer is there giving you words of (dis)encouragement throughout your run. Not only announcing milestones, and locations, but making sure the sponsors get their advertisements heard – all of them amusing and very tongue in cheek.

It's Bullseye!

It’s Bullseye!

There is an upgrade area that lets you purchase new costumes and weapons, which are purely cosmetic as well as some upgrades to alter how the game plays. These upgrades are bought with coins that are collected on each of the runs. Just like any other running game, you can spend some extra money on the game to get other advantages, like coins counting for double, or a coin magnet.

Overall, I am enjoying the hell out of the game, and I feel it’s well worth the price of 0.99 USD. I know I have a bias towards most things MNC, but this is legitimately a great running game that keeps me coming back for more. It’s taken my attention away from other runners like Zombie Road Trip and Temple Run.

This was nice while it lasted. (Still beating John Comes!)

This was nice while it lasted. (Still beating John Comes!)

For a unique look at the development process behind Outland Games, check out this link. 30 Weeks to develop an iOS title may seem like a long time for some of you, but they developed their own engine from the ground up and the time has been more than worth it.