Cryptic Studio  and Perfect World Entertainment have announced plans for the beta and the Founder’s Pack program for their upcoming free to play MMO Neverwinter.


Three beta weekends have been announced for February 8-10, March 8-10, and March 22-24, where players in North American and Europe will have 60 hours to beta test the game.

Neverwinter returns gamers to the Forgotten Realms, which have changed significantly after cataclysmic events. . .

Today, Neverwinter has restored much of its former glory. Lord Neverember of Waterdeep has taken the city under his protection and put forth a call to all adventurers and heroes of the Savage North to help rebuild Neverwinter in the hopes that one day he can lay claim to her throne and crown. But evil forces conspire in the dark places of the world, seeking to undermine all…

The Founder’s Pack program allows gamers early access to the various beta tests, VIP perks, and exclusive in game items.  For details on the available tiers check out  To apply for beta access, go to

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