If you haven’t heard about this game, you are definitely missing out on something special. Seriously, this brings something new to the free to play shooter genre that truly is awesome. Boarderlands 2 claimed to have a “bazillion” guns, but things were left to chance as to which guns dropped. What if, any gun that could be imagined could be easily crafted and then used to blow away anyone that dared stand in front of it? Well that dream has been made reality in Edge of Sanity’s forth coming game Loadout.

Loadout is currently in early Beta, so it needs to be said that many things in this game are currently changing. Some of the smaller issues that I personally experienced are more than likely to be removed or fixed at some point in the future. Weapon balancing, graphical glitches and the like all can be to be ignored. The developer is hard at work, and they are constantly in contact with the community through their website, http://www.loadout.com/.

Beam Weapons!

Beam Weapons!

Normally, I go through all the things that I like and that I don’t like right away. Without gilding the lily, I am just going to say up front that this game is amazing! While it is going to be a free to play title in the future, it is worth popping down 9.99 USD to get into the early access program that is being offered on steam. Sure I have had a few frustrating moments in the game, which I will explain below, but I am having a lot of fun with it.  Fun is what matters, and knowing that this game doesn’t take itself seriously.


The Godslayer

Weapon Crafting is where this game shines. The ability to create weapons to fit the many different play styles is a real treat. At first the amount of options was a bit overwhelming, but the interface is clean and simple. A six shooter rocket launch firing off rockets that explode flak style, lighting anyone near the blast on fire, check. A shotgun that fires shots that not only scatter, but zap the person shot, check. The sky is the limit and it’s hard to put all of it into words.

The first thing to figure out when creating a gun is the kind of gun; rifle, pulse, launcher, or beam. After that, its all a matter of choosing the rest of the options for the weapon. Stock, sights, barrel, trigger, magazine style, and type of bullet. Some guns offer up more options like how the bullets/rockets travel, what causes them to explode, how to explode etc. The different options that can be designed don’t always have to kill either, some of them can support teammates. There is a healing option, that allows over healing, and a juicing option that makes a team mate faster and stronger.

Each gun can further be upgraded by spending an amount of upgrade points. These points are gained by completed different contracts the game offers up, like killing 5 people with head shots, or capturing a set amount of points. Upgrade points are designed to help make the many parts of your gun stronger. The only downside to upgrading parts is they don’t carry over to any other gun. This artificially increases the importance of finishing out contracts though. And some of the contracts are downright hard, but if you pop up some spacebux, you can get a new one to do.


Juice me up!

One of the biggest concerns I have with the game is it feels more twitch based than I personally like. I haven’t found the right style of gun that helps eliminate this issue with Loadout. The other frustrating bit is no matter what kind of gun I build it always feels weak compared to everyone else’s. I have experimented with many different styles, configurations and what have you. I attribute this mostly to weapon balancing, which ends up being tweaked with every game update they release. I also know this is more of a personal preference when it comes to guns as well. I just haven’t found what works best for me.

Over all, as I said before Loadout is fantastically fun and easy to play. Weapon crafting is easy to do, and just takes time to figure out what works best for your own play style. With four different game modes, an a decent amount of maps, I stand by my assertion that buying into the beta is worth it. There is a ton of content here that will keep me playing Loadout for many hours! Check it out, here in the Steam Early Access section.