Doomstar is a hidden unit board game of strategy and cunning designed by the famed Lew Pulsipher. Pulsipher’s game design credits are mostly table top games from the 80s, and this appears to be his first entry in digital board gaming. With the help of Large Visible Machine, they bring this latest creation to life.

You are a starfleet captain, and you go into battle needing to take out the other captain. The concept is pretty simple and bring memories of playing Stratego as a kid. Each ship has a number associated with it, and when two ships come together, the higher number wins. Sure there are fighters and bombers that have some special abilities, but over all it really is that simple.


One of many missions.

This is one of those games that is easy to learn, hard to master. While playing the AI is relatively easy, you will get the most of out the game playing online. Finding players is easy enough, and if you are both sitting there games play extremely fast. One online game I played lasted 10 minutes, since both of us were there at the same time. But no worries, it does also allow asynchronous play.

On steam/PC the game feels a little clunky. Doomstar begs to have a port over to mobile devices. Touch screen controls would bring this game to life. Also, notifications on your mobile device would make it much easier to keep track of your online games.

If you love Stratego you will love Doomstar. It’s easy to look at this game and say it is Stratego in space. Just know that the experience feels more tailored to mobile or touch screen devices. It’s not bad on desktops, it is just not optimized for them.

Doomstar currently costs 9.99USD and is available on Steam.