We kick off the New Year together on Just Press Start, even though Jeff technically kicked it off with Mikael from Frozenbyte.  We have a mystery guest join us, and you all get to finally learn about the trifecta that run this website.

We also comment on the article that has been going around the industry. Dear Customer Who Stuck Up for His Little Brother and Bioware’s Response to “Straight Male Gamer” 

Music thanks to Zach Parrish as always!

Also, those of you that hate iTunes, while we are still working on getting ourselves onto Zune, we did one better. We are now apart of Stitcher Radio! So you can stream Just Press Start, and many other awesome podcasts, direct to what ever kind of smartphone you may have! You can find us on Stitcher right here.

Will 2012 be the year of Just Press Start? Well you are just going to have to keep your eyes peeled to our website to find that out!