Greetings everyone! Hope everyone is doing well and are as jazzed as we are about the PS4, even though we have no idea what it looks like.  We know what the controller looks like.  But enough about that, this week Jeff and Luke are joined by Dave, Ian and Jason (Wolvie75) makes an appearance on this weeks show.

If you couldn’t tell, the main topic of conversation is the PS4, and most of the show is all of our thoughts and ideas about it. Okay, so while we had to speculate, we speculated a little bit.  Also, we go over our 4 in February. Did any of us meet our goals? Did we beat any of the games we set out to beat?

During the show, you’ll hear us reference a video having to deal with the PS4. Have a watch, but just make sure the kids aren’t around because there is some foul language.