French development studio Bidogame announces their first title, Nioki Adventure. Nioki Adventure is a cooperative 2D sandbox game, in the same vein as Terraria, that will be a totally unique and advanced experience for gamers. Bidogames is shooting for the game to be released for PC and Xbox 360.

One of the features, Marc Lejeune (Gamedesign and graphics) pointed out to use was the emergence of several side quests to foster cooperation in completing challenges the game has to offer. There are elements of an RPG in Nioki Adventure, which will give the player the opportunity to shape their character and personalize it with specializations associated with the class the player chooses.

Marc states, “One of our goals is to offer the community the possibility to participate in the game development by suggesting enemies, environments, items and more.”

Bidogames is a  2 person  indie studio consisting of Marc Lejeune (Gamedesign and graphics) and Gregory Potdevin (programmer). As you can tell from the screen shots is that it has a very child friend look to it. We are looking forward to seeing where development takes this title. For now, you can get more information about the game from their website