Just Press Start is an independent gaming podcast and review site that was started up in the summer of 2009 with Jeff and Lucas.  The idea behind Just Press Start was a family friendly podcast with the idea of, “What’s the worse a developer can say? No.”

With this mentality, and a love for video games, the crew of Just Press Start brings you high quality video game conversation, interviews with developers and reviews of all the latest games.

Since 2009, the staff has grown, the website was born, and the library of reviews continues to expand. The podcast can now be heard here on the website, Stitcher Smart Radio, or through iTunes.

We are also starting to venture into Twitch.tv and youtube with our interviews, previews and Let’s Plays.

Meet the Staff:

Jeff Ortloff: One of the founding fathers of Just Press Start. It was his idea of “what is the worst they can say, no?” mentality that launched the podcast. Currently he is considered host of the show, but he also takes care of most interviews and requests for reviews.

Lucas Fox: The other founding father of Just Press Start. After many years of Internet Radio experience, and a deep love for video games he decided to switch formats to a more on demand variety. After a Thanksgiving holiday in NC with a good friend, he came up with the idea of Just Press Start. From there, with the encouragement from JEff they started off on the road of video game journalism. As Executive Producer, he takes care of post production on every episode and interview as well as some of the PR work.

Stephen Chast: Stephen’s history with the show is an interesting one. At first he joined in on the conversations about video games, only to find that he was better suited for table top games. Since taking a back seat to with the podcast, he has taken a primary seat reviewing table top games of many varieties.