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So you want to know how DLC Quest is do you? Well it’s going to cost you because here at Just Press Start we decided to start charging for our reviews.  We’ll wait for you to spend the coin to get to this review. (Or you could just click continue reading)

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OMG, all the same maps, just at NIGHT!!!

DLC Quest is a new Xbox Live Indie Game that has been released by the brand new Going Loud Studios. It’s a simple, retro graphic 8-bit game with a huge catch in it… You need to search for and buy everything to play the game. No I’m not kidding, you don’t get those pesky things like animations, or even good controls until you sink some coin into them. Programming a game isn’t free!

Okay, in all seriousness, DLC Quest is a deep satire into the the insanity that downloadable content is starting to become. As I was playing the game I was seriously beginning to question whether or not Jeff had some part in it or if Ben Kane, developer behind the game, has listened to some of Jeff’s rants on the show.

Armor my horse can use!!!

The idea of the game is simple, a bad guy has come and stolen the princess, and you now need to search the world to find the DLC packs so that you can buy them and save the day. DLC packs, and the money to buy them, are scattered around the world; A world in which you need to platform around to collect everything.


The controls are nice and tight, and even when you don’t have the ability, or even the animations for that matter, to move left the deep retrospective into real life, and how we are nickled and dimed (who are the shop keepers) these days with games, is amusing and very anecdotal. I was laughing from the moment the game started until the very end.

As I played the title my wife was watching as well, and between the giggles and chuckles of each of the DLC she did say that she can’t wait to give the game a try.  This says a lot being that she isn’t a hardcore gamer herself.

For the small price of 80 Microsoft Points (about 0.99USD) you really should do yourself a favor and give this a shot. No it’s not the longest game in the world, but it’s hilarious and well worth the dollar. Also, just for reference, it’s all you have to spend on the game as the DLC costs gold coins.

For a chance to try out the game for free, just follow this link here. It brings you directly to the spot in the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace to download the title. Although seriously it’s worth just buying from the get go. Plenty of screenshots, and a trailer to look at below.

Enjoy this look at where the industry is going.