Nom Nom Galaxy-preview

Nom Nom Galaxy, a title in the Pixel Junk family, has to have one of the strangest premise of any game I have played. I mean even Yo, Noid!, which was an early blatant marketing attempt that I loved as a child, didn’t have as strange of a premise. Some are already thinking that I may be off my rocker on this one, but trust me I am not.

Soup Co, (technically what ever you name it) sends (crashes) you to (on) a faraway planet to do one thing and one thing only, make sure for the entire galaxy to enjoy. In the future, all food will come in the form of a can of soup. And the galaxy has a very discerning palate that is looking to enjoy new, exotic flavors. That is your job! Find those new flavors,make new soups, and corner the galaxy’s soup market.

Welcome to Fox Soup Co.

After you get beyond that, the game becomes very familiar. After crashing on the planet, everything that happens next is very open. The mechanics are very similar to a game like Terraria. It is an open world 2d style sandbox game, that how things play are completely up to the player. The only difference between the two is that Nom Nom Galaxy has a sense of direction. You need to make soup, and gain 100% of the market.

What makes this title stand out from Terraria, Starbound and the many other Minecraft like games is the time schedule. Work only happens between the hours of 9 and 5. There are scheduled “break times”. During these intermissions, money is awarded for the daily salary, and soup sales for that day. This also allows the research of a new item to help combat the rugged conditions of the planet, this is usually done by unlocking data keys after picking up a number of 3.5 discs hidden on the planet. These items can then be bought using the money to help make life a little easier.

Some of the many research upgrades.
Couch co op is another lovely feature that I was not expecting to find in an alpha title. And how beautifully it handles with two players is also amazing. While the game is very playable single player, having another player there makes everything 100 times easier. One person can focus on keeping the soup factories running, and the cans of soup being shipped to the galaxy. The other can explore the world looking for new fresh ingredients as well as figuring out how to keep a good farm of them running.

For a game that is in early alpha, there is more polish and style here than most games that have a full release, but there still is a long way to go. The latest version of the game is 0.20. The developers are constantly in contact with the community of how to make things better and more fun. Patches seem to be frequent enough so the few bugs you may find aren’t frustrating for to long but it gives enough time to get the feel for all the new things.

Day 6: My Empire of Soup Grows
Honestly, I am not a big fan of buying into an game this early, but Nom Nom Galaxy has me convinced. I was burned by other early release titles but I don’t feel that is the case with this one. It is well worth your time, energy and money. Pick it up now on Steam for $19.99 (USD).